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The Logo is Done…or Is It?

The first thing many of us do when starting a business (or launching a product or initiative) is design a logo. This can be inexpensive or a significant investment, but it’s often the first stake in the ground that makes your activity feel “real”. Whether you’re doing it yourself or working with a design firm, it’s a big step forward.

Much like you schedule time to look at your financials or your sales pipeline, you need to schedule time to revisit your logo. This is especially true if you’re an entrepreneur leading your own business or you’re leading an evolving product line. Your work evolves over time – why wouldn’t your logo evolve as well?

Why? Because a logo isn’t a permanent decision, regardless of how tempting it is to set it on autopilot and focus on other things. But there are good reasons to take a fresh look at your logo and how it represents your organization and its offering.

Good reasons to update your logo

• It doesn’t fit your current marketing channels. There are pragmatic decisions to make when it comes to what works on websites, what fits on packaging and what adapts to social media, etc. 

• It doesn’t fit what you or your business are today.  We all change over time, but it’s usually so incremental that we don’t realize it’s happening. Your logo needs to celebrate who you are today.

Poor reasons to update your logo

 You’re not profitableTake time to dive into root causes for why you’re not getting the revenue you want before jumping to a new logo as the solution.

• You’re bored. Day-to-day management of a business can feel tedious and working on a new logo is a way to bring something new and creative to your days. 

If you do decide to revisit or redesign your logo, a big key to success is starting by getting input from stakeholders, even before you brainstorm ideas or get quotes from a design firm. Ask clients, colleagues, partners and friends for their input, or consider customer surveys and focus groups.

These decisions matter, which is why our clients come to PhoneBox. Give us a call if you need someone in your corner as you consider these important strategies.

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