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Podcast Appearance: Can You Really Have It All?

Check out Michelle’s appearance on the Babies or Business podcast!

Shaily Hakimian’s podcast aims to shine a light on how decisions about becoming a mother align (or don’t) with decisions about career paths. Michelle was one of a range of women who shared their thoughts about motherhood, business and how the two intersect. By talking to women across industries, ages and experiences, she’s able to showcase the questions that come up and the ones that don’t. Regardless of how you and/or your loved ones have made decisions about being a mother, you’ll learn something new and gain insight about how different women have approached this important life decision.

There are many ways to be part of a child’s life

This topic isn’t typically one that Michelle would discuss in a public forum, but she wanted to support its expanding visibility by sharing her story. She realized early on that the experience of physically having children wasn’t something she wanted to have, but she still wanted to play a role in the lives of children around her. At the same time, she recognized that some of her most cherished career goals would be much more difficult if she was juggling motherhood at the same time.

The clarity she had (and has) about her life goals made the decision a little bit easier, but there were considerable pressures from people around her, often driven by misconceptions held about women who elect not to become mothers. Fortunately, she benefitted from having terrific stepdaughters and being a much-loved aunt, giving her the opportunity to contribute to the next generation in a way that fit her life and goals.

Looking back, she doesn’t regret her decision and is glad that the discussion about having children focuses more on it being a question than an assumption. Bringing the conversation to broader audiences can have a big impact as well.

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