You might have come to this page looking for a bunch of logos of companies we’ve served…but you won’t find it. You also won’t find case studies with names of organizations or leaders. Why?

Many of the projects we’ve taken on throughout our work are highly confidential and we take that confidentiality seriously. When you consider that a good number of our work focuses on fixing issues, you can see why we’re cautious about talking about them in a public context. After all, wouldn’t you want the same for your organization?

"PhoneBox challenged me in ways that inspire deeper thinking, educate me without feeling judged and motivate me to try new things."
- Founder/CEO (Personal Development Industry)
"PhoneBox helped me create a solid foundation for my business, rooted in Michelle’s experience."
- Founder/CEO (Personal Development Industry)
"Michelle's diverse background of experience and deep wealth of knowledge make her an indispensable resource for your company."
- CEO (Personal Development Industry)
"Michelle is the definition of what “good looks like” in the communication and crisis-management space."
- Vice President (Food Distribution Industry)
"It was important to me to work with a straight-shooter who understands how people think and also empathizes with how people feel. She's a rare gem in that regard. That's what makes working with her such a unique experience."
- CEO (Membership Organization)
"I love how Michelle can go head-to-head with any idea, quickly and thoughtfully, while at the same time making sure that all bases are covered."
- CEO (Membership Organization)
"Michelle’s years of business experience, including many globally, was invaluable because she was always willing to share examples of similar situations to provide context and potential paths forward to be considered."​
- Marketing Leader (Food & Beverage Industry)
"Michelle has tons of experience and knowledge which translates to an extremely positive outcome. Her style is collaborative and empowering."
- CEO (Recruiting/Tech Industries)
"PhoneBox is one of the first calls I'd make with a question about global business."
- CEO (Recruiting/Technology Industries)
"The work I did with PhoneBox was integral to kicking off my brand on the right foot and ultimately communicating my value to my target audience."
- CEO (Recruiting/Technology Industries)
"Michelle combines strong cross-functional business insights with an encouraging, collaborative approach."
- Executive Director (Business Accelerator Nonprofit)
"PhoneBox revitalized our marketing strategy and identified new ways to tell our story so we can continue to expand and serve our community."
- Executive Director (Business Accelerator Nonprofit)
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"Michelle makes me look like a star on the daily, and my business has expanded in ways I never imagined."

– Founder/CEO (Media/Creative Industry)
“Like many creative types I am very good at looking at things a different way, bringing a new perspective to the table, and thinking outside of the box. What am I very bad at? Thinking inside the box. Business development, proposals, estimates, messaging, employees, growth strategy, recognizing my worth, long term goals, spreadsheets, math in general… I literally was running my business like a lemonade stand until I met Michelle. She laid out all the tools I needed for all that in-the-box stuff. She is not only beyond brilliant, but a delight to work and collaborate with. She is my first phone call for all things business. She makes me look like a star on the daily, and my business has expanded in ways I never imagined. My first phone call to fix all things box. Phonebox. Did she name the company just for me? Probably not. But a girl can dream. If you’re the kind of genius who is able to accomplish seemingly impossibly difficult feats but can’t figure out how to tie your own shoe laces, Michelle is the genius you need.”

"Michelle is not only beyond brilliant, but a delight to work and collaborate with."

"During multiple, contentions negotiations, Michelle effectively managed the fears and anxieties of our various internal stakeholders and helped us to develop and execute an effective plan to mitigate the damage of the unions’ corporate campaign and strike-related rhetoric. She dug deep to understand and appreciate the issues from both sides of the bargaining table. "​

Vice President (Food Distribution Industry)


"PhoneBox is recognized as a crucial driver in the success of our programming."

PhoneBox was instrumental in creating a unified message that our sales staff could utilize no matter what corner of the globe they work in. They guided our marketing department through the creation of customer benefit-based story lines and collateral rather than relying on typical technical specifications as the main sales features. This model has become the cornerstone of our future marketing and sales approach as we target various decisionmakers within our key customers.
PhoneBox’s ability to visualize our customers’ needs and identify how best to approach them was the missing link in our organization’s attempts to tell customers how our products add value to their business.  

"PhoneBox was instrumental in creating a unified message that our sales staff could utilize no matter what corner of the globe they work in."

– Global Product Leader (Manufacturing Industry)


"PhoneBox has a unique ability to connect divergent views into a cohesive story which resonated with all my employees."

– CEO (Pharmaceutical Industry)
“PhoneBox helped our new leadership team define our mission, vision, values and behaviors in a way that not only resulted in a clear path forward for the organization, but also made sure everyone involved was able to fully participate and contribute to the process.”

"Michelle is one of the hardest working, most results-driven consultants we've ever worked with."