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Celebrating Non-Profit Success Matters

You do great work, but does anyone know?

It’s truly impressive how many non-profits are operating today, providing services, resources and access for groups that need it. From business accelerators for start-ups in underserved communities to arts organizations that give children a new way to express themselves to urgent support for people impacted by severe weather, the range is astonishing (and inspiring). Beyond the range of organizations that need support, there are more ways than ever for donors to give.

Funding is always the top priority, but many organizations also count on volunteers and public awareness/engagement (such as Giving Tuesday in the U.S.) to support their missions. When you think about funding, options have continued to expand, providing new ways for individuals and organizations to finance non-profit activities and operations.

Keeping donors involved

Donor retention (whether they’re giving time or funding) can be a significant source of growth for a non-profit organization but requires a commitment to communication and connection that can’t be neglected. Whether they’re making the decision for themselves or on behalf of an organization, people need to know one important thing: that their contribution made a difference to the organization and its beneficiaries.

In spite of this, many non-profits struggle to clearly communicate how donations connect to services/good provided. They often rely on annual reports or similar tools to update donors and might go as long as a year without connecting about anything. What’s worse is that some only reach out to their donor base when asking for more donations. How can cost-conscious non-profit organizations expand donor engagement to encourage ongoing giving?

Donor Engagement Tips

  1. Celebrate how your organization has benefitted the community/groups it serves.
  2. Provide new avenues for easy financial support, such as Amazon Smile contributions.
  3. Transparently share financial information and how spending aligns with your mission.
  4. Highlight people who benefit from your services through interviews and articles.
  5. Look for partnering opportunities that expand your reach and credibility.
  6. Make it easy for them to advocate for you on social media.

The bottom line is that the most impressive, relevant and critical mission doesn’t guarantee your donors will continue to give. That’s why PhoneBox works with non-profits to expand awareness and improve engagement. After all, you can’t move forward without it.

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