What We Do

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Our core capabilities cover a wide range of work because our clients have many different needs. 


The process seems simple: share your message with your audience and motivate them to take action. 

How well you manage that process makes all the difference in the world.

PhoneBox creates communications that increase employee engagement, expand brand awareness and generate advocacy that drives your success. 


You have a great offering, but do you know who will pay for it? 

Understanding target audiences is bigger than demographics – you need to understand values, influencers and purchase patterns. 

Marketing insights from PhoneBox help you prioritize resources and make strategic decisions that enable sustainable growth.

Business Strategy

It’s tough to be a small business – you’re entirely focused on keeping things running. 

With a ton of decisions to make every day, you need a strong foundation to guide your activities. 

PhoneBox pulls the ideas out of your head to create tools and plans that define your path forward. 


Our qualitative and quantitative analytics tools help our clients understand where they are today and where they want to go. 

The Maturity Matrix

Taking time to understand where you are and the path forward makes the difference between a great strategy and an “initiative of the day” effort.

PhoneBox’s proprietary Maturity Matrix tool helps clients define their current maturity level and set a target for the future. It creates alignment that makes budgeting and prioritization easier for everyone on your team, while providing a way to measure incremental improvement. 

The Matrix Maturity tool is currently available for organizational (internal) communications, social media and crisis communications, with more coming soon.

Measurement & Analytical Tools

Working closely with our global network, PhoneBox designs and implements a range of tools that help clients optimize their spending, identify opportunities for improvement and track progress. 

Examples of this work include website analysis, employee surveys, customer feedback and focus groups, dashboards and online influencer identification. 

Strategic Process

Sometimes you need help understanding where you are and where you want to go (diagnostics). Other times, you might know where you want to go, but need a map to get there (planning). Or, you might have a plan and need help getting all or parts of it done (execution). 

PhoneBox works with clients who need our help in any of these three areas – individually or in any combination. 


Defining the context: Understanding the current state and the problem at hand.

Defining the objective: Setting targets and milestones.


Setting the stage: Creating the strategy, identifying target audiences and defining key messages.

Selecting activities: Planning timing and channels.

Measuring progress: Setting metrics and creating a risk mitigation plan.


Providing content: Create printed materials and digital content, plan events and activities and update photography and videos.

Assessing impact: Implement dashboards and ongoing plan reviews/updates. 

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