Data can be an incredibly powerful tool for understanding and managing your business. That’s why we love it!

We launched PhoneBox’s Analytics practice because every organization can benefit from understanding more about activities, customers and employees. 

Understand Your Business

Our most recent innovation product (the Core Assessment) is now available for select clients. 

This self-assessment provides a simple report card covering 24 different parts of your business. 

Identifying where to improve (and where to celebrate success) prioritizes resources so your business can flourish.

Understand Your Operations

Sometimes you need a deep dive into a specific activity or function to understand what’s working (and what isn’t). 

Our proprietary Maturity Matrix tools provide clarity about where you are today and where you want to go. 

It was designed specifically for collaborative work and aligning teams around shared goals.  

Understand Your Operations

Knowing what customers and employees think is absolutely critical; without it, you’re flying blind. 

From surveys to focus groups, we’ve helped clients gain insights that power business decisions and investment. 

Research projects have also focused on specific industries, such as the recent Mom Entrepreneurs survey.

Our analytics practice also works with clients to be sure data, information and numbers are part of their ongoing decision-making process with dashboards, Key Results, recurring metrics reports and more…