Our Story

The Story Begins..

With a clever idea that came after a few pints at an English pub (often the best place to come up with a clever idea). 

Or It Might Begin...

With a team photo of six talented people (and a stuffed dog) squeezed into a classic red phone box in London. 

Actually, Both Versions Are True

The phone box photo celebrates an amazing group of people who set a standard for collaboration. Not only did we have great results, we had a huge amount of fun at the same time. They are why one of PhoneBox’s core values is collaboration fueled by fun

And the pub? Let’s just say it’s a great reminder that fabulous ideas – including creating a company – come up anywhere and everywhere. 

More About Our Leader...

If you ask Michelle Calcagni what kind of work excites her, she’ll quickly jump into stories about how women coming together can inspire, support and help each other to succeed. That’s why, after five years in business, she decided to take PhoneBox in a new direction and to focus on women entrepreneurs. As she’d tell you herself, she spent most of her career helping big companies be successful – now it’s her chance to help the smaller ones get a chance at those opportunities (and revenue). 

To learn more about Michelle’s experience and background, just visit her LinkedIn profile.