Our Story

The Story Begins..

With a clever idea that came after a few pints at an English pub (always the best place to come up with a clever idea). 

Or It Might Begin...

With a team photo of six talented people (and a stuffed dog) squeezed into a classic red phone box in London. 

Actually, Both Versions Are True

The team photo celebrates how talented people with diverse experiences and ideas solved problems together. The collaboration across time zones, geographies and skill sets was powerful. Beyond that, it was fun – even in the midst of hard work, tight deadlines and occasional chaos.

Long after that photo was taken, Michelle (our Founder) found herself at a pub with friends, talking about a new kind of consulting firm. It would leverage a global network to create dynamic teams (without the overhead) and would prioritize solving problems in a way that would enable client success even after the team left. More than anything, she wanted it to be fun and full of energy – a throwback to the team in the photo. 

And so PhoneBox was created – a different kind of consulting firm that (in spite of our name) really doesn’t fit in a box.